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Amanda Parrish Block

"Since August 2020, Mary Ann Brando and all the horses at Flying Bee have been a source of joy and growth for my daughter Grace.

Even during the time of social distancing, Grace was able to learn their behaviors and how to care for them. Mary Ann has dilgently imparted safety, humanity, and good horsemanship to Grace each week. 


The horses and the teachings from the lessons are sources of constant conversation and reflection in our family. Grace counts the minutes until her next lesson and holds each horse in her heart until they reunite.


Grace has evolved from only having an interest in horses to knowing how to groom, tack, and ride. She has learned barn etiquette and protocols. She has savored trail rides on the beautiful property.


We are so grateful to Mary Ann and the rest of the Flying Bee family for our favorite hour each week."


Anne-Marie Mot

"I  have been riding  at Flying Bee Farms for 2 1/2 years. The first impression is of serenity and harmony. All of the horses are so happy, eager to work with you, and love all the attention. 


Everyone is smiling, kind, and create a space of learning and peace.


Mary Ann has changed my riding, bringing understanding, competence, and joy into my riding. The trails around the farm are beautiful and provide a nice cool down for the horses after the lesson.


Overall, a very special farm, where all horses have found their happiest life."


Mike And Elaine Lo

"Our daughter Amanda has ridden at several farms since at a young age, and also took lessons while we were in the UK. Maryann and Flying Bee Farms has been by far the best in show!


It has a wonderful and supportive atmosphere and Maryann really focuses on the core fundamentals in her lessons. The care of the horses in her stable is phenomenal as she shows a true love for the animals." 

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